"Whenever we need them, they're there" says Kevin Parker, Managing Director"
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College of International Education

“They fit in with the family atmosphere of the college”
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Purple Consulting

"Keeping pace with us for the past 8 years"
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Deadline Despatch

From the moment a customer first googles for a local courier, absolutely every aspect of Deadline Despatch’s service is technology-enabled.
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The Oxford Group

“Our first few months with First Line were a period of adjustment for us,” said Sheena Porter, CEO of leadership and development organisation The Oxford Group.
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institute of customer service website

Institute of Customer Service

"masterminding the complicated arrangements behind sourcing and installing new IT systems, broadband services, and telecoms systems"
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zanzi digital logo

Zanzi Digital

Moving to Microsoft Office 365
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diverse dining

Diverse Dining

Restaurant chain IT services and support
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