Leased lines

Leased lines provide organisations with a guaranteed, non-contended optical-fibre internet connection at speeds of between 1Mb and 1Gb.

A leased line is the ideal solution for organisations looking for the ultimate in reliability, speed and service levels. They’re ideal for businesses that rely heavily on the internet.

The technology

First Line Telecoms provide internet leased lines as well as point-to-point circuits where connections go directly from one location to another without internet access. We use technologies such as Ethernet and SDH in a variety of speeds from 2Mbit through to 1Gbit.

We can supply lines just for data transfer or for high-performance high quality voice connections (using SIP protocol).

What is the cost?

The cost of a leased line is worked out on the basis of:

  • the type of line you require
  • the distance from a partner point of presence, and
  • the internet bandwidth that you require.

All First Line leased lines are monitored 24×7 as part of a managed service. We’ll supply all the managed termination Cisco equipment required to deliver an ethernet connection to your in-house network.

The benefits of leased lines:

  • Guaranteed uncontended bandwidth
  • High capacity – up to 1GB
  • Service Level Agreements providing guaranteed uptime and fault-response times
  • Totally symmetric connection
  • No additional usage based charges.

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