Adrian came to the UK from Romania where he had been working in the IT field ‘from forever’. So working for First Line IT isn’t a major change for him, but he is enjoying the experience of working in another country, meeting new people, and learning about a different culture.

He says he likes working with computers because ‘they do what you tell them. And when they go wrong it is because they have been told the wrong thing. So finding out what has gone wrong is a bit like a detective investigation, but you know that there is a logic behind what you are looking for.’

Adrian says he felt very welcomed when he came to First Line, both by other members of the team and by the clients he has spoken to. He has only helped people remotely so far but is looking forward to the opportunity to go onsite and meet clients face-to-face.

As he came straight to Oxford when he arrived in the UK, Adrian hasn’t had a chance to travel much yet. But he is looking forward to visiting friends in Bristol and London, and maybe exploring the coast (but only in the summer).