Claudiu joined First Line at the beginning of May 2017, moving to Abingdon from Warwickshire, where he lived and worked after first coming to the UK from Romania.

He had caught the IT bug when playing video games as a child and was thrilled to turn his hobby into a career during nine years working for an IT company in Romania. Having joined First Line, he almost immediately found a kindred spirit in Richard, and seizes every opportunity to join him on site visits and to install cabling and other hardware: ‘I enjoy getting out and about and doing things with my hands,’ he says.

While he enjoys crawling and climbing around slightly unfinished offices, and can tell hair-raising stories of camping in bear country while a teenager (for the record, camp uphill so that you can see the bears coming; keep all food packed away so that they can’t smell it; but if they do come your way, leave your food behind and RUN), Claudiu also has a subtle and delicate artistic side. His next ambition is to learn to be a silversmith and create jewellery.