An IT specialist who spends most of his time up a ladder? It’s not what you’d expect but, as Richard points out, someone has to sort out the cabling – and at First Line IT, it’s him. He is responsible for all the cabling for office moves managed by First Line, and indeed for their own move to their current offices next to the BMW mini plant.

An engineer by training, Richard began his career working on major projects for organisations such as the UK Government, EDS, Compaq and GEC-Marconi. He held a variety of technical positions with TAC Europe Ltd and had experience working on an in-house helpdesk before joining First Line in 2008.

Never happier than when out and about, up a ladder or crawling around on the floor, Richard deals with a range of IT problems from servers to workstations. At home he’s working on a ‘man cave’ to house his collections of books and tools.