Sergio moved to the UK in 2011, from the small town of Devar in Romania.

He studied all aspects of IT at university and, apart from a ‘fun’ stint working in a club immediately after graduating, he naturally continued working with computers. He spent some years providing IT support to customers from home.

Limited opportunities in Romania brought him to the UK where he first worked in a kitchen before joining First Line in 2016. He enjoys the different types of IT problems that he deals with here, ranging from the very basic (‘how do I work the computer?’) to quite complex challenges that require him to ask colleagues for advice. His specialist interest is in networks and security, and he is busy gaining as much experience as he can in those areas.

When not at work Sergio confesses to being a bit of a film buff, and can occasionally be persuaded to put his kitchen experience to good use in whipping up a mean steak with Bernaise sauce.