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5 Ways To Fix The Most Common Computer Problems

We’re running a piece in this month’s In Business magazine from the Oxford Times. Called ’10 magic tips to keep your computer running smoothly’  it offers five  easy things to try when you have a computer issue before you call your IT Support company as well as five things to do regularly to keep your computer happy.

Five Easy Fixes For Common Computer Issues

When you’re faced with a frozen computer screen, it can be tempting to quickly pick up your phone and immediately call your IT support company. But, before you do that, and use up some of your monthly hourly contract, it might be a good idea to try the following tips. Nine times out of ten, the computer issue can be resolved quickly and easily, without any professional help.

  1. It’s the old classic, turn the computer off and on again. We know it’s a joke but it really can work! Nowadays with lots of work saved automatically with cloud computing you’re not going to immediately lose all your work if you suddenly have to turn your computer off. So, give the classic a go and see if all your computer issues are solved! Your computer does things as it turns on to ensure that everything is ready to work.
  2. If turning things off and on again doesn’t work then it might be time to check all the correct wires are plugged in. Check that everything is plugged in properly and nothing has become loose, including your mouse, screen and keyboard. Also, check that all the wall sockets are switched on. So many times, people have rung FirstLine IT up for help not knowing that their colleague had accidentally turned their computer off at the wall.
  3. It’s normally a good idea to also ask your colleagues if they are having the same computer problem. This can help distinguish between an individual problem and a system problem, if it’s a system problem then this will also be important to tell your IT support company. 
  4. Ask yourself: what’s changed? Did you download a dodgy file? Are you using a program you’ve never used before? It could be a cybersecurity issue, 
  5. The final thing to try before calling your IT support help would be to try closing the programme you are currently using and then open it up again. This can be especially effective with MS Outlook.

Five things to do regularly to keep your computer happy

Even if you aren’t having any computer issues, there are things you should be doing regularly to ensure you keep your computer in good health and avoid any common problems. Make sure you are doing the following 5 tips to maintain your computer and avoid having to call up the IT services.

  1. Empty your Recycle Bin on the desktop. It’s easy to forget it’s only a halfway stop and leave hundreds of deleted documents in there to clog up your system.
  2. Clean up all your email folders and empty your Deleted Items folder. Consider setting up auto-archive for old emails.
  3. Clean up your desktop. Just having fewer items on it can make your computer run faster.
  4. Delete your browser history.
  5. Delete unwanted programs and don’t keep any more programs running than you really need. Too many open programs can slow down your computer.
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