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Investing in upgrades is a business necessity

Keeping your old software is a false economy says Firstline IT’s John Crozier.

It can sometimes feel as though software companies are attempting to take you for a ride by constantly issuing new versions and expecting you to pay for them. For the budget-conscious small business there is a strong temptation to stick with the status quo, especially if there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Indeed, many small businesses and nearly half of all local authorities, according to a report from IT magazine Computer Weekly, are holding back from upgrading their systems, probably because they are worried about the potential cost and disruption.

But software upgrades are not just about being up to date or having the ‘latest’ tech, says Firstline IT’s Operations Director John Crozier. They are a vital part of keeping your systems secure from cybercrime.

‘The most up-to-date software is fully supported by its manufacturer, who will regularly issue updates or “patches” to improve functionality or repair vulnerabilities,’ he explains. ‘But out-of-date software is left alone, which allows cyber criminals the time and space to identify and exploit weaknesses.’

If you are still running software that is no longer supported by the manufacturer, John advises that you upgrade as soon as possible, pointing out that a major ransomware attack or data breach could work out a lot more expensive and cause a lot more trouble.

‘Reduce, re-use, recycle is a great mantra for almost everything but IT software,’ he says. ‘Planned investment and regular upgrade and updates are essential to keep your business running smoothly and cost-effectively.’

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