In-depth Cyber Security Audit

A Cyber Security Audit is is where we offer a review of your business and its IT security footprint, identifying threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

What does a Cyber Security Audit include?

A Firstline IT security audit ensures you have the right information and recommendations to make the best IT security decisions for your business. Our Cyber Security Audits usually include:

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Our cyber security internal audit is based on three key areas

Our understanding of your business

We invest the time to understand what makes your business unique. What your business objective are, how you are structured, staff roles and responsibilities and locations of critical systems and sensitive data. This context allows us to tailor our assessment to your business and recommend steps based on your priorities and budget.

A thorough review of your systems and network

We will establish a security baseline through a review of your current network infrastructure, endpoint assessments, access point scans, perimeter control reviews, wireless security measures, mobile devices, software patching, data management controls and measures, any current business continuity measures, log monitoring processes and data centre procedures. We can carry out penetration testing where required.

How your teams operate and how they are governed

We review all your current IT policies and assess how well they are followed and enforced. In addition we conduct staff interviews and observations to monitor actual user behaviour, training and awareness measures. 

Want to discuss your organisation's needs?

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We are Cyber Essentials certified

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A comprehensive cyber security report in plain English, tailored to your business

The world of cyber security can be very technical and confusing. Our aim is to cut through this and give you a practical and simple to understand, yet comprehensive report which tells you what your current security risk looks like and what you need to do to improve it. Because we have spent the time understanding your business and your appetite for risk vs cost, our remediation action plan is prioritised to your business and budget. We do not recommend solutions if you don’t need them and if they do not fit your budget.

A full cyber security audit will also take into account any changes in the regulatory or legal framework that have come into effect since the last audit was conducted.