Cyber Security Monitoring, Detection and Response

Our Cyber Security Monitoring, Detection and Response monthly subscription service has been specially tailored for SMEs and provides the peace of mind of an enterprise level managed detection and response (MDR) solution, but without the price tag.

Endpoint control

Endpoint control is critical to protect against new tactics from cyber criminals. We use a combination of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools, perimeter controls, incident management and response expertise to monitor and deal with security incidents on your network. This includes:

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Cyber security peace of mind for SMEs

Detection is key

Stopping or blocking all attacks is an ideal, but unrealistic. Cyber criminals are constantly changing and evolving their tactics to get around controls and inadvertent human error can always undo the most robust security system. The prompt detection of and response to a successful breach before too much damage is done is the next best thing. We proactively monitor your systems and can detect and respond to a potential breach quickly.

Rapid response

A 24/7/365 MDR solution is well out of the budgetary reach of an SME and yet, SMEs still need to demonstrate GDPR compliance and protect their systems. We’ll monitor, detect and respond to potential breaches on your network Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, giving you peace of mind that your systems are protected and limiting the dwell window for any successful breaches to take root.

Don't be an easy target

Cyber criminals will often look for easy targets, it’s not worth their time or energy going after businesses with robust security systems. But malware which has been installed via unintentional staff activity can lie dormant on your network for some time before activation. Similarly cryptojacking can be run in the background, draining CPU power. Our SME MDR service can detect malware installs and cryptojacking mining before they impact your business.

Ongoing monitoring for vulnerabilities and patching

Regular checks on your systems for vulnerabilities and patches helps minimise entry points for malware. As part of our service we will assess your security posture and scan your systems to an agreed timetable, making sure your patching is up to date and your network secure. This can be a very time consuming process for internal staff, which often gets overlooked. We can take this resource heavy process off your hands and give you peace of mind that this is being completed regularly. 

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A monthly subscription service specifically for SMEs

With 31% of micro and small businesses and 60% of medium sized businesses reporting cyber breaches or attacks last year (Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019), it is clearly evident that SMEs can take more steps to keep their networks secure. This is becoming an increasing priority for businesses of all sizes and SMEs need not be deterred by the potential cost implications.

A requirement of GDPR compliance is to respond appropriately and efficiently to data breaches and report them promptly to the ICO. In order to do this, you need to know when a breach is taking place or has occurred. Our SME MDR service gives you that visibility and enables you to focus on running your business not worrying about your systems’ security.

For a single monthly fee, we will provide and install the appropriate Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools, perimeter controls and proactively monitor these. In addition we will agree a schedule for scanning your network for vulnerabilities and patch these to maintain your agreed security posture.

We don’t provide a one size fits all model for this service, rather after our initial audit of your systems and an assessment of your current and desired security posture we will devise a tailored plan for your business.