Penetration testing

We carry out a secure, simulated ‘attack’ on your system to assess possible points of entry for hackers or weaknesses that they could exploit.


We work to the highest standards

  • We start with a scoping questionnaire so that we test exactly what you need – no more, no less
  • Members of our team are fully accredited and we have a complete authorisation and logging process
  • All our processes have been tested and refined, and are proven to be effective
  • Test results are retained and communicated according to agreed data protection standards


We offer multiple tests and tools

  • We can test organisational security policy compliance, employee security awareness, and agility in identifying and responding to security incidents
  • Our tests include:
    • Network penetration testing
    • Web application penetration testing
    • Wireless penetration testing
    • Social engineering testing
    • Physical security assessment


And we follow up

  • We immediately escalate critical issues so that solutions can be found
  • We offer regular retesting to maintain and improve the security of your system

Call us: 01865 598 145