Zero day detect

Our specialist platform uses hardware and software to identify attackers and where your cyber security defences have been breached.

A cutting-edge technical solution

  • Often security breaches are only detected long after sensitive data has been stolen or exposed
  • The Cyber Security Zero Day Detect solution uses accelerated data analytics techniques to process large data sets, such as logs and events, to identify anomalies and incidents that warrant further investigation
  • It detects intruders and recognises any information that has leaked from your organisation, pinpointing attackers inside the network and where your intellectual property may have been compromised or exposed
  • In other words, it can spot cyber breaches as they happen, or even just before

Which we provide and manage

  • You get the benefits of this top-of-the-range solution, but without the hassle of having to install and manage it yourself
  • We work with you to define what you need to system to do, install it, and monitor it on a continuous basis, ensuring that your network remains secure


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