First Line upgrades to TeamViewer

We’ve recently upgraded our remote access software to TeamViewer. This means it’s even easier for us to access all the computers on your network, including servers, PCs and Apple Macs, without having to leave our office.

TeamViewer provides a number of benefits to our clients:

  • It’s quicker: so we can access and fix your machine more quickly
  • It’s secure: TeamViewer uses a security protocol similar to that used by online banks – so even though you’re opening up your machine to us over the internet, this is done over a very secure connection
  • It puts you in control: each time we ask you the user to access TeamViewer, it generates a unique password on your screen. You have to read out the password to us over the phone before we can access your computer. So you’re in control from the start
  • It’s lightweight: You don’t need to install anything on your computer – you just run a remote application over the internet
  • It’s clever: TeamViewer is set up in a way that means it’s able to get to many more machines than the system we’ve replaced
Learn more about our approach

If you'd like to know more about how we support our clients, why not download "Our approach to providing IT support"

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