We provide maintenance and support for your Cloud solution to keep it in top condition

We’ve been helping our clients and their staff with all types of IT systems and programs since 2001. Some of the systems may have changed since then, but our support hasn’t.

We do remote access; we talk through things on the phone; and if you really need it we’ll come into your office and sort everything out for you there.

Very few data centres hosting private Clouds offer network maintenance services or user support. Nor do global organisations such as Google and Microsoft offer any support once you have signed up. But we’re experienced at working with data centres and with solutions from Google and Microsoft.

And as a Microsoft Certified support company we can access technical help not available publicly if things get really tricky.

We’ll help you to:

  • plan for regular administration tasks such as adding or removing users, sharing, re-directing mail etc.
  • support your users when they change or add devices or things just don’t work as they expected.


Thinking about moving to the Cloud but don’t know how to go about it or what Cloud services are right for you? 

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