Specification, sourcing, and provision of hardware and software

We will specify, source, and provide all your business hardware and software, giving you one point of contact and one bill


We recommend the best products for your needs

  • From laptops and desktops to cabling and apps, we specify business-class equipment that will fit with your existing network
  • And deliver the best performance – consumer products may look cheaper but you’d soon find they’re a false economy


We source from a range of suppliers

  • Our excellent relationships with all the major IT suppliers mean that we can get the best prices
  • But you only have to deal with us – no more chasing dozens of quotes and comparing specs


We handle the installation and configuration

  • When you’ve got new equipment it’s never as easy as just switching on and getting to work
  • So we set up every piece of kit so that it communicates properly with your network and does what you expect it to, first time and every time


Call us: 01865 598 145