Directly match your computer support costs to your business needs

Active System Support is designed for budget-conscious organisations that want rapid-response access to a wide range of services.

How does it work?

  • Between us we agree best-estimate for the average number of hours per month required to respond to incidents and requests
  • We only work on your system when you ask us to
  • All hours purchased each month will be added to your account and hours worked will be deducted. Unused hours just roll-over to the next month, with no expiry date
  • We review, with you, your account every six months. If you’re in arrears then we’ll either ask you to increase your monthly payment or agree that we invoice you for the extra hours. If you’re in credit by more than two months then we’ll either agree to suspend payments, make a refund or carry out some extra work if required.

Additionally, this service provides you with access to:

  • Strategic network audit and review: a six-monthly analysis of your existing systems to determine their suitability for the current and future demands of your business
  • First Line’s consultancy services such as computer and telephone network design, remote working solutions and more.


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