Supporting key business functions

Microsoft Office 365 from Microsoft can allow you to operate key business functions from the Cloud. This gives you access to key services such as e-mail and Microsoft Office accessed via the Internet for a monthly payment.

We’ve supported clients at all stages of their journey with Office 365, so can help with any stage you are at.

What’s included with Office 365?

With your monthly fixed fee, your business will have access to the main Microsoft Office 365 apps including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It also provides you with hosted email and we can also configure your system so that you can keep using the other programs you know and love, even if they’re not part of Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 set up

We can handle the migration and install Office 365 across all your systems and devices, including PCs, Macs, and mobiles, including office 365 configuration. Our Office 365 experts will provide the support you need if you run into any problems or if you just have trouble using the cloud-based system.

If you made the decision to manage your own migration for your business and have run into problems, we can get you on your way again. We have come across this on numerous occasions so are happy to complete the entire migration or work with key team members to get you back on track.

Dedicated Office 365 support

As well support throughout migration and ongoing support when you are up and running, we can train you and your staff so that you can get the most out of the system and provide the most value for your business. We’re on the end of the phone to troubleshoot problems should you or your staff struggle to use the programmes.

Get in touch with an expert

Our engineers get to know you and your business as well as your IT systems, so they can offer you the best possible customised support for Office 365 applications.

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