Business class internet connections

Choose from our range of dependable, cost-effective and comprehensive broadband solutions for small and medium-sized businesses


You have a range of options

  • Single ADSL: business quality ADSL broadband
  • Fibre-to-Cabinet ADSL connection: faster speeds (up to 70Mbs) from a fibre-based service
  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM) leased lines: better performance than conventional ADSL, less expensive than a fibre leased line
  • Fibre leased lines: guaranteed high-speed connection from 10Mbs up to 100Mbs


We’ll help you choose

  • We’ve worked with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses
  • So we can recommend the best solution for you, depending on your needs and your budget


And we’ll install and manage the connection

  • All of our internet connections are monitored 24×7 as part of a managed service
  • Service Level Agreements provide guaranteed uptime and fault-response times

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