Hosted IP telephone systems

Say goodbye to piles of cables and clumsy telephones with our hosted IP telephone systems.


Stay connected seamlessly

  • With an IP telephone system hosted in our Oxford data centre, you can stay connected with customers and colleagues at all times, whether in the office, at home, or using your mobiles
  • Enjoy all the functionality of a traditional business phone network, from call pick-up to individual voicemail – and more


While we handle maintenance and servicing

  • As hosted IP telephone systems are cloud-based, we manage all the maintenance and servicing in our data centre
  • We also monitor the system and deal with any problems without having to disturb your offices
  • And, as our data centre is fully backed up, you can be confident that you can keep your business going should disaster strike


All in one bill

  • Our packages can include your IP telephone system and broadband, as well as a range of other services
  • And we can easily add new users (or take some away) as your business grows

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